4 Simple Leg Toning Exercises

Performing the following simple exercises cruncheswill give you the well-toned legs you have always dreamed of.Exercise 1- Balancing Chair

  • Take your feet about a hip distance apart,
  • Hinging from your hips, come down to a seat, like sitting on a chair.
  • Push on your legs to be able to lift your chest.
  • To make this exercise a little tougher but a lot more beneficial, reach out your arms in front, or overhead.
  • Holdthis position with weight on your heels. Slowly come up on your toe.Holdfor about a minute.
Exercise 2 – Moon Flowers
  • Take your feet apart
  • come down into a wide squat
  • lift up to the corners of the room
  • Press down on the heels, and keep your knees aligned over your feet.
  • Do about ten or twelve of these exercises
Exercise 3-Lunges
  • Turn so as to face your side
  • Come up onto your toes of the back leg, and lower your hips down.
  • Liftyour arms overTry to energize the back leg, keepthe core strong, and lift up through the fingers.
  • Holdfor 30 seconds to a minute for each side.
Exercise 4- The Lean
  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart, arms down at the sides.
  • Take a step diagonally back with the right foot.
  • Bend from the waist toward the side where right leg is stretched out.
  • Keep your right arm up and the left arm down and back towardsthe right calf.
  • Return arms to starting position. Switch sides and repeat.