30 Day Paleo Challenge | Update

30 Day Paleo ChallengeSo, I finished the 30 Day Paleo Challenge in support of my sister doing it all across the world in India. She told me she was doing it and that she liked the fact that it forced her to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but it also had some other components that helped her. I told her when I got back to the states that I would support her in her efforts and I would do it for 30 days. Well, I did it for 30 days and the biggest thing that I enjoyed about this food plan is that it made me prepare my meals with a lot more fresh vegetables and fruits. Yes, this food plan does require you to eat meats: chicken, lamb, turkey, pork and beef, but it also increases your intake of seafood as well! So for those who are not into seafood or just have not been exposed to it, this is a great way to reach outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different types.What I have decided to do since I have come to an end of the 30 Day Paleo Challenge is to do a modified version of it where regardless of what I am eating, I am making sure I am getting way more than enough fresh vegetables and fruit throughout the day. In addition, I am increasing my intake of raw almonds and if I want a simple cheat, raw cashews. If they do not have raw, then get roasted, but without the salt.The take away I got from this food plan is that there are individuals who go overboard and think frying your steak, eating tons of fried bacon and burgers are all about Paleo. But you have to look at it on a simpler wavelength. In the era where man and women needed only certain food components to eat, they were not privileged to have bacon, burgers, farm raised meats, etc. They did not have fishing poles or nets to capture lots of fish with ease. You want to eat foods that are prepared with natural elements. You want to eat the foods that consists of lean meats, fresh vegetables, some nuts, etc., and keep it at that. Of course you can have a fair helping of it, but you also have to look at the energy expenditure that these individuals did when they were foraging or hunting. They walked and hunted for more than 10k steps per day. You probably want to increase that by 300-400 percent, and then you can relate to our ancestors.Overall, the Paleo diet was pretty good and if you stick to it, you will see some excellent results. For those who eat out a lot, you can still do well on this, you just need to make better options when doing so.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241