3 Profound Benefits of Burning 300 Calories Daily

Exercising yourself so as to burn 300 extra calories daily will not only help you manage your weight but will also give you many other health rewards. Even though the benefits of exercising a little extra are many, you need a day or two of resteach week to avoid burnout and overtraining. The benefits of burning 300 calories everyday are as follows:

  1. Managing weight
The greatest benefit of burning more calories a day is obviously that it may help lose some extra weight. A single pound of fat equals to about 3,500 calories, which means, routinely performing a 300-calorie exercise may help you lose a pound about every 12 sessions considering your calories intake is also lesser.
  1. Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises
When calories are burnt with cardiovascular exercises like jogging, brisk walking,swimming or even using an elliptical machine, you build stronger lungs and heart. This results in an increased stamina and improved blood flow as the heart pumps more efficiently. These exercisescan also help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  1. Strength-Training Benefits
Resistance exercises like squats, pushups or weightlifting are effective in building muscle tissue. An Increase in muscle mass will boost your strength to make everyday jobs easier while reducing your body fat percentage. This,in turn,can keep you away from the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Such exercises may also increase your balance whilestrengthening bones and reducing back and osteoarthritis pain.