2015 Spartan Sprint | OCR | ROADTOTAHOE

If you are like many in the fitness industry, lifting weights, doing lots of cardio and taking classes can become less challenging and exciting over time for us, especially if  you are training clients all day. Sometimes we need to mix it up and just RESET, both our minds and our body with just something new. One of the many activities that is growing in popularity is mixing all of these together and taking it outside in a more challenging way, which is OCR or Obstacle Course Racing.2015 Spartan Sprint RaceThere are various companies out there that are doing these, from mud runs, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc. But the one that has really stuck in our minds is the Spartan Races that you can do all of over the United States and now abroad. People always ask, why are you just singling out the Spartan Races versus the others. Well, one of the reasons is that not everyone is a pure winner. Yes, if you complete the course, yes, you are a winner in your eyes for completing it and that is a job well done. The cool thing about the Spartan Race is there are Elite Classes that will judge you on time and will pick a winner! Yes, there is a winner and a loser in these types of races, which is Awesome! In addition, if you fail an obstacle, there is a price to pay, which is doing 30 burpees when the certain activity was not 100% completed.One way to look at this is that it sort of mimics life, there are winners and losers and there are consequences when you do not complete something 100%. This not only creates the energy to try harder next time, but no one in their right mind likes to do burpees, especially 30 of them in a row! That is why you practice on what you failed at during the race and when you are gearing up for the next, you will hopefully crush that obstacle with flying colors. All in all, if you are doing any race, it is awesome to start it and finish it, either by yourself or with friends/colleagues. If you are doing it for time with the hope of maybe doing a higher caliber race with individuals who are super competitive, then I would suggest doing a Spartan Race and sign up for the elite version of it. It will require more strength and stamina, but you will separate yourself from the pact and it will take your fitness to that next level. What we would suggest is doing all three of the Spartan Races: The Spartan Sprint, The Spartan Super and The Spartan Beast and then decide which race you want to focus on getting really good at, and then sign up for the elite class option.2015 Spartan Sprint The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241