Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Exercise Helps With Sleeping

Are you experiencing trouble having a deep and relaxing sleep? Or you are diagnosed as insomniac and you are only relying on medicinal drugs like sleeping pills just to have normal sleep? You might want to check this new method that is proven to enhance your sleep at night- exercise. Medical researchers are already advising their patients to have a routine of exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, to promote a sound sleep at night. Also, personal trainer Portland is here to help you make an exercise plan. The Wrong NotionIf you are believing that having a rigorous exercise just before your bedtime will improve your sleep because you will feel tired resulting to a peaceful rest, your belief is wrong. It is not applicable to all people. If you engage to strenuous activities three hours or less before your scheduled sleep, expect that you will feel more troubled and harder to fall asleep. The explanation behind this is that, exercise will stimulate your brains, heart, and muscles which results to a more active feeling- the opposite of being at rest. Furthermore, exercising hours before your bedtime will relatively increase your body temperature which is not good if you want to easily catch your desired sleep. Now that you are enlightened with this line of thinking, here are some benefits on how exercise helps with sleeping: Relaxed Heart, Blood Pressure, And MusclesIf you commit to a regular aerobic exercise during morning or afternoon, expect a great result in your sleep. Aerobic exercises will not only promote endurance but also make your heart and blood vessels healthier. A twenty to thirty minutes daily aerobic routine will be advised by your Portland personal trainer as a starting point. As you progress, your personal trainer Portland Oregon will increase the duration and intensity of the aerobic exercise. It is essential that you gradually increase its level to avoid injuries in the future. Having a regular aerobic exercise will also help you to fight stress and loose some muscle tension. A peaceful and long-lasting sleep can be acquired if all your body parts are at rest. Also, regular exercise can ameliorate your mood to be more optimistic and happy throughout the day. Timing Is EverythingTo support our earlier argument about the wrong notion, your Portland Oregon personal trainer will strongly recommend you to participate in aerobic exercises during daytime or six hours before your scheduled bedtime. At this rate, your heart, muscles as well as body temperature will be at rest the moment you lie on your bed. Proper timing of aerobic exercise is the key for direct results of exercise with your sleep. Improving your Wake-Sleep CycleOne reason you can’t easily fall asleep is that your body clock and circadian rhythms are also disturbed. As a solution, your personal trainer Portland will suggest that you must expose yourself to sunlight during daytime. Believe them, it is an effective way to train your body in recognizing day from night. Also, associate your exercise routing under the light of the sun so if you go to bed, when the lights are out, your body will easily recognize that it’s time to rest. In promoting a sound and long-lasting sleep, your Portland personal trainer will aid you in creating an exercise plan during daytime for a more effective and result-oriented exercise program. It is medically proven, so why not try it? You will have a physically fit body and peaceful sleep at night at the same time. Thanks,Kisar DhillonThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241